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Rick Campfield

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My entire career has been focused on identifying and solving root cause issues, developing others, and creating healthy organizations. I enjoy sharing my experiences and war wounds with others; helping them to see things they may not see nor have the skills to be able to remove or mitigate, or worst of all – unable to deal with due to internal politics and potential repercussions. 

Thank you for considering me to be a life-line!

What Customers Say

“Rick has a special talent in evaluating the situation and building a strategy to grow and move forward in a decisive yet collaborative way.”


“The success of this engagement was due to Rick working with the family to define roles, getting everyone on the same page, keeping everyone on track, assisting with tough decisions, and explaining to everyone that business transitions are a process which needs to allow for changes as unanticipated items develop."

Bill Dudley – Attorney, Landerholm

"Next to actually starting the business, inviting Rick to conduct a three-day Executive Leadership Seminar has been the best decision our company has made. We were blown away! His insight as a seasoned C-level executive, creative thinking and inspiring personal traits, allowed him to accurately assess our needs and then engage us in a manner that brought true results. We gained a strategy and action plan that has helped take our organization to a new level of focus, communication and productivity.”

Mike Evenson – CFO, Re-Gen Enterprises LLC

"Rick helped me save my business!! He helped me see how I was drowning in the most practical way. He also helped me do more than patch it up. We literally deep dove into my business processes and made legitimate and necessary changes. He has helped me increase revenue and shorten onboarding for my clients. I am forever grateful and am extremely happy I have him as a business advisor.”

Desirae Marcano – Founder & CEO, Handled VEO

"He’ll push you out of your comfort zone in a way that is strategic and straight-shooting, yet full of compassion. Rick’s expertise in his arena of business management, leadership, operations, and all of the financial nuances translates into very well-used time when you have it with Rick. Working with Rick will always have more profound and efficient results than you can fathom.”

Joyce Kehoe Smith – Founder & CEO, Resort Stay



Organizational Health Consulting

Increasing Competitive Advantage


Key Leader Development

Expert Witness

Depth of Knowledge


My goal – to improve the HEALTH and VALUE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.

HOW? By identifying the real issues that holds the team back from thriving and doing incredible things, including effectiveness of leadership practices and behaviors, and then develop a plan that reduces, if not eliminates, these constraints to growth for a truly competitive advantage in the markets you serve.

I’ve consulted the entrepreneur that has just begun their business to being a Fractional CEO and COO and Board Advisor.  I’ve coached Fortune 500 CEO’s and chaired CEO Peer groups.  Whatever your need is, I can either help or find the right resource(s) for you – guaranteed. 






Organizational Health & Leadership Development

Rick Campfield

Business Consultant & Coach