Rick Campfield

Married 37 years. 3 daughters. 2 SIL’s. 2 grandkids.  Blessed!


Executive to Consultant

I love helping owners and executives identify and remove issues and constraints that negatively impact business health.  After 3 decades of a diverse career (industries, geographic experience, positions, for-profit and not-for profit, private and public), I’ve developed intrapreneur skills and acquired a tremendous number of tools and methods I leverage that has yielded significant results for organizations.  Whether the need is executive coaching, value stream mapping, or developing a robust vision to execution plan, I’ll work diligently to improve the cadence of your organization for improved business health.

The umbrella of my work is under Cadence Development LLC (it is hard work to get on the same page, in cadence with one another, and when done, amazing happens).  I was an advisor for Inc 5000 affiliate, Inc CEO Project, engaged in Expert Witness litigation (with experience in ITC and District courts), am building ConsultantDeck, a platform connecting companies and consultants, an a AI-driven business health assessment tool, and online Business Health Academy masterclasses. And yes, I don’t do idle well.

My Working Genius: Discernment, Galvanizing

Rick Campfield

My Story

I was raised on the Yakima Reservation in Harrah, Washington, working for my father on our family farm, alongside my three brothers.  I graduated as Salutatorian from White Swan High School and obtained my Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.  23 years later I obtained my MBA with honors from Willamette University.  Given I read business books on vacation and a late career MBA, I’d consider myself a life-long learner.

My wife of almost 38 years and I have 3 adult daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 2 grandsons – and all live within driving distance from one another – I’m so blessed!  I’m an avid drummer, playing since junior high school, love (hate) the game of golf, enjoy yardscaping, dates with my wife and girls, and outdoor cooking. 

My StrengthFinder:  Executives, owners and team members can confirm that I thrive in an atmosphere of challenge, energy, and collaboration, and demonstrate an exceptional record as an executive level leader and convener in diverse and complex settings. Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly identify relevant patterns and issues, and determine best course of action. I have a great deal of stamina, multi-task extremely well and work efficiently. I have a keen sense of people and their behavior, and am a great communicator.


Organizational Health & Leadership Development

Rick Campfield

business consultant & coach